Concurrent Enrollment

Students are able to take college level courses to count both for college and high school credit through the DPS Concurrent Enrollment Program. DPS will pay for the cost of tuition at the community college or technical college (students are responsible for books, fees and transportation). To be eligible students must have a 2.0 GPA and be deemed "college ready" by either the Accuplacer, TABE or ACT. It is important for students to know that if they do not pass the class they must repay the cost of tuition to their school (a promise to repay contract must be signed before enrolling in the college class).
Concurrent Enrollment FAQ:

Costs of books are NOT included through Concurrent Enrollment. Full time CEC students taking Guarantee Transfer GT classes at CCD can rent their books through CEC for $40 per class per semester. (Book rental prices are determined by Study Skill grades.) Students may have to purchase non GT course books along with art supplies, World Language workbooks and other required non reusable texts and supplies out of pocket.

Please see your counselor regarding more information about taking college classes through Concurrent Enrollment!

Taking college classes at CEC Middle College of Denver

There are several ways for students to earn college credit while still in high school. Students At CEC we offer concurrent enrollment college classes for students at CEC:
  1. Through career classes with our teachers as adjunct professors
  2. CCD classes at CEC
  3. CCD classes at the Auraria campus
  4. At Emily Griffith Technical College
See your counselor about ways to take college classes at CEC!

All full time CEC students who take college classes at CCD are required to attend a weekly class called Study Skills. Click HERE for more information about Study Skills.

CEC is no longer participating in ASCENT-

As an Early College CEC has its own 5th year program that is similar to DPS's ASCENT. In the Early College year students can continue on full-time at a community college or technical college the year after graduation and DPS will pay for tuition. Students are responsible for books rental charges. Early College students will participate in the graduation ceremony with their class but instead of receiving their diploma they will receive a certificate of completion. After their Early College year is completed they will officially be graduated by the district and will receive their diploma.